The Truth in Love

Throughout my time in evangelism there is a phrase that has been used repeatedly by others and myself. “Speak the truth in love.” We use this to explain how the truth needs to be presented to those we are trying to reach. Our focus is always on the information, get the information to the people, give them the truth.

But is truth just information? I would have to say that the truth extends far beyond information. How did Jesus spend most of his time? Was it preaching the truth? Calling out the pharisees? He did those things, but where Jesus spent the bulk of his time in ministry was in caring for those in need. The way he communicated the truth of the Kingdom was through his actions. In fact the bible actually tells us in James 1:19 to be “slow to speak” Then it goes on to command that we should be doers of the word verse 22. There is a time for speaking the truth in love, but could it be that we could actually accomplish more if we would simply live the truth and let the Holy Spirit do more of the speaking? To be continued...

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