Short thoughts on Genesis 28:16-17

As Jacob left home one can be sure that he was consumed with grief knowing that his deceptive actions  had been the cause of his banishment. He must have felt as though God was far away from him and greatly displeased. these verses illustrate his amazement to find that God was with him even now. It is important to note that God is always with us and sometimes we recognize him in the most unlikely places.  I especially like what Matthew Henry has to say about verse 17 "so far was he from being puffed up, and exalted above measure, with the abundance of the revelations (2 Co. 12:7), that he was afraid" Here Jacob has recieved the most explicit revelation of Jesus Christ ever shown to a man up until that time and his response was not pride, no it was humility he could find no reason why he should be the recipient of this knowledge and it led him to see himself as he truely was, unworth. This should be our response also today as God reveals to us the deep things in his word we should not become lifted up by them, on the contrary we should be humbled. It was his supirior knowledge that led Lucifer to begin to envy Jesus, he began to believe that because he possed it somehow it should give him entrance to a higher position in heaven. It is a very strong pull for us to view all that God has shown to us and begin to think that we are somehow special that we are better then others, but this is not the case. Our access to this knowledge should lead us to humble ourselves recognizing our dependency on a higher power.

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