What People Don't Know

I was sitting in a meeting today in a pretty large conference room and around the table were a number of people only one of which was actually employed in a capacity that facilitated their involvement in the conversation. Everyone else was a volunteer.

We're talking about how we could improve the situations of the homeless population in Allentown. It occurred to me as we were talking about the challenges and possible solutions that most if not all of the people for whom we labor probably don't think about the incredible amount of time and energy that the people around the table as well as many others around the city expend on a weekly basis working for them.

At one point for about 6 weeks one of my friends was working 12 - 14 hours a day seven days a week for a group of about 20 homeless folks as a volunteer!  I know that many of them see the results in small ways when we find them housing or clothes or some other tangible event but I don't see how anyone could comprehend the amount of time behind the scenes it requires to affect even the smallest change in some ones life.

Then it hit me. I take for granted the amount of time behind the scenes that it takes for God working on my behalf to affect even the smallest change in me. Any of us for that matter. But he does it, day in and day out God is striving with and for humanity. Trying desperately to improve our standing in life and eternity. Most of the time we go about our day completely ignorant of it, probably missing some of the smaller things God does for us, self absorbed in the life problem of the moment. And yet he labored on. Just as my friends and I labor on, to hopefully provide some small improvement to the lives of the homeless.

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